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Some of you might have seen my website. I started this blog in order to discuss matters relating to discordant redshift systems (DRS), which has been one of the main themes of my website. It is my goal to move everything from my DRS database to this blog. I will do it so that I will write a blog entry for each system containing all the issues mentioned in my website entry for the system in question. I will also make some new comments on the systems. I’m doing this mainly because I was too lazy to update my website frequently, and updates are easier to manage in a blog environment. It will also allow the readers to comment on the systems. I will also include images of the systems, which is something I didn’t do in my website version.

I am also thinking of including some more general writings whenever I have something to say, so this will not be limited strictly to the details of DRS. I will also add some new systems, there’s some waiting in my back pocket already…

I hope you have a nice time here! 🙂

Ari Jokimäki

6 Responses

  1. Hi there, Ari! Welcome to the blogosphere!

    It’s nice to get some visuals on the DRS systems from your database. Arp didn’t even give so many visual cross-references in Seeing Red, so you’ll be a more useful resources on the issue pretty quickly 🙂

  2. Thanks Ritchie! I think “pretty quickly” might be somewhat… umm… relative term here. 😉

    I’m still slowly working on the outlook (emphasis on “slowly”) of the thing, so be patient. 🙂

  3. *laugh* Slowly is _fine_. I’d rather have detail more so than speed, especially since I don’t have the werewithal to dip into the primary literature all that much 🙂

    I’ll be patient.

    *taps foot*

  4. I have concentrated more on getting some initial content here. But perhaps I start to look more at the outlook also, and start building some browsing aids, such as some sort of index page. If only there would be more time to do this…

  5. I tell you one thing, it takes huge amount of time to look at those papers and extract their relevant content to my text. For example, recently I started to write about this system thinking that it’s a quick thing to do (I wanted to cover this system because there’s a closely related entry coming up due to recent arXiv preprint), but soon I realised that it won’t be so quick after all. Just recently noticed system, and already there’s six papers about it. It’s very interesting to do, but very time consuming. I should finish all my projects ( 😉 ) and concentrate on this.

  6. Ari, your website is an amazing resource. Many, many thanks for putting this together.

    I am building out a platform which seeks to crowdsource information about scientific controversies, and I think your work here in bringing some order to these (oftentimes fuzzy) concepts is testament to Arp’s own vision of a future of citizen scientists (which he discusses in the Preface to Seeing Red).

    I am slightly more focused on the debate side of this issue. My interest is in documenting all of the arguments which have been made on this topic on both sides. My site is still in the prototype / conceptual stage (I’m a React developer), but my hope is to create a machine which churns out laypeople who are fluent in all of the nuances of this debate. I’ll be teaching astronomy and astrophysics through the controversy itself, on a need-to-know basis. In fact, I’ll be deploying this experimental controversy-first approach for all of the debates of science; the Halton Arp debate is simply the first debate that I’m exploring in depth.

    For the time being — at least until I have something more to show — I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for putting this together. Your grasp of the subject matter is quite impressive.

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