SDSS J083531.06+245608.1 – very close discordant redshift galaxy pair

There is a higher redshift galaxy (SDSS J083530.81+245558.3, z = 0.267) very close to SDSS J083531.06+245608.1 (z = 0.073, see Figure below). Higher redshift might be projected within the disk of SDSS J083531.06+245608.1.

Figure 1. The objects with measured redshifts near SDSS J083531.06+245608.1. Image is from Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

Objects and their data

1 SDSS J083531.06+245608.1 galaxy 0.072907 16.5 (g) 0
2 SDSS J083530.81+245558.3 galaxy 0.266687 20.7 (g) 0.175

NED objects within 10′ from SDSS J083531.06+245608.1

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