NGC 1136 – Higher redshift companion

NGC 1136 was included to the sample of Arp (1981). Arp described the system as disturbed spiral with disturbed companion. He wrote:

The central spiral has strong, disturbed arms. The companion is relatively bright and strongly distorted. The spectral characteristics of the companion are younger. This is a prototype example of a spiral with an apparently physically associated companion.

However, the companion (NGC 1135) has radial velocity of 13339 km/s while the main galaxy has radial velocity of 5610 km/s – too large difference for this system to be traditionally considered as physically interacting pair. This system was also included to the analysis of Arp (1982) and Soares et al. (1995).


– There are not many objects with available redshift near NGC 1136 in NED (NASA Extragalactic Database). In addition to NGC 1136 and NGC 1135 there’s only one QSO (object 3, not shown in Figure 1), which is 9.2 arcminutes from NGC 1136. The QSO is rather bright one with B band apparent magnitude of 15.4.

Figure 1. The objects with measured redshifts near NGC 1136. Size of the image is 10 x 10 arcmin. Image is from Digitized Sky Survey (POSS2/UKSTU Blue).

Objects and their data

1 NGC 1136 SAB(rl)ab 0.018713 (5610 km/s) 13.75 0
2 NGC 1135 Sd? pec 0.044494 (13339 km/s) 16.16 2.932
3 SUMSS J024958-550315 QSO 0.230000 15.4 (B) 9.219

NED objects within 10′ from NHC 1136


Arp, 1981, ApJS, 46, 75, “Spectroscopic measures of galaxies, their companions, and peculiar galaxies in the southern hemisphere”

Arp, 1982, ApJ, 256, 54, “Characteristics of companion galaxies”

Soares et al., 1995, A&AS, 110, 371, “Southern binary galaxies. I. A sample of isolated pairs”

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  1. Could you please enlighten me – what does NED mean?

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