UGC 05015 – QSO-galaxy pair

Arp (1980) discussed the companion galaxies of NGC 2859. One of the four discussed companions is UGC 05015 (object 1 in Figure 1). Specifically, Arp studied quasars near companion galaxies. He noted that UGC 05015 had an ultraviolet excess object in its vicinity. Arp studied it spectroscopically, and it turned out to be a quasar (object 2). Arp calculated the probability of 0.01 for a background quasar falling so close to UGC 05020 by chance.


Objects 3 and 4 have similar redshift, so they are probably physically associated with each other.

Figure 1. The objects with measured redshifts near of UGC 05015. Size of the image is 10 x 10 arcmin. Image is from Digitized Sky Survey (POSS2/UKSTU blue), and it has been adjusted for brightness and contrast to bring out the faint objects in the field.

Objects and their data

1 UGC 05015 SABdm 0.005504 15.3 (g) 0
2 NGC 2859 U3 QSO 1.460000 20.5 (g) 1.263
3 SDSS J092603.02+341319.4 galaxy 0.157844 18.2 (g) 4.533
4 SDSS J092611.06+341320.9 galaxy 0.156371 18.8 (g) 5.785
5 SDSS J092612.57+342104.5 galaxy 0.086866 17.6 (g) 6.748

NED objects within 10′ from UGC 05015.

SDSS image of the system.


Arp, 1980, ApJ, 240, 415, “High-redshift objects near the companion galaxies to NGC 2859”

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