MCG -01-02-034 – A typical QSO-galaxy pair

Arp (1981) made a case about quasars being generally near to companion galaxies (i.e. to galaxies that are near to some other, usually bigger galaxy). One of the cases included in that study was MCG -01-02-034, a companion galaxy to NGC 0157 (which has an angular distance of 29.65 arcmin from MCG -01-02-034). The Figure 1 of Arp (1981) shows the whole system including the NGC 0157. Nothing interesting in discordant redshift sense about this system specifically is noted in Arp (1981), just that there is a quasar ([HB89] 0032-086) positioned near MCG -01-02-034.

There is one piece of information in addition to things mentioned in Arp’s study; MCG -01-02-034 has discordant redshift compared to NGC 0157. Redshift of MCG -01-02-034 was not known at the time of Arp’s study.

In addition to the quasar, there aren’t any other objects with measured redshifts within 10 arcmin from MCG -01-02-034. NED shows the [HB89] 0032-086 in slightly different position than Arp (1981). Figure 1 shows it in the position Arp (1981) gives (as there doesn’t seem to be visible objects in the position NED gives).

Figure 1. The objects with measured redshifts near MCG -01-02-034. Size of the image is 7 x 7 arcmin. Image is from Digitized Sky Survey (POSS2/UKSTU Blue).

Objects and their data

1 MCG -01-02-034 galaxy 0.017919 (5372 km/s) 13.92 0
2 [HB89] 0032-086 QSO 0.756000 19 2.541
3 NGC 0157 SABbc 0.005510 (1652 km/s) 11.00 29.650


Arp, 1981, ApJ, 250, 31, “Quasars near companion galaxies”

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