1107+036 – QSO near galaxy

Murdoch et al. (1983) discussed 1107+036, a radio source near a galaxy. The radio source is a quasar at redshift z = 0.966. First they discussed the optical identification of the radio source and concluded that the QSO is the most likely identification. Then they discussed the basic properties of the system (the spectrum of the QSO, morphology and the spectrum of the main galaxy). They mentioned that the main galaxy is asymmetric, and seems to be extended towards the QSO. See their figure 6a, the galaxy seems to extend all the way to the position of the QSO.

They included a discussion of this system as a QSO-galaxy association. They noted that there is a low probability for the QSO to be projected so near to the main galaxy. They also said that there is no luminous link between the objects. Their discussion is presented in quite curious form that shows that they have not agreed on the interpretation of the object (one of the authors is Arp). It’s amusing to imagine what kind of discussion actually went on based on this published version.

Figure 1. The objects with measured redshifts near SDSS J111025.10+032138.8. Size of the image is 7 x 7 arcmin. Image is from Digitized Sky Survey (POSS2/UKSTU Blue).


In the DSS image it seems a little as if there would be an optical bridge between the two objects, but the feature cannot be brought up from the noise convincingly enough. Figure 2 shows a brightness and contrast adjusted image that is most favorable to the bridge-hypothesis. However, playing with brightness and contrast doesn’t bring any solid evidence that the apparent bridge would be a real physical connection.

Here is SDSS image of this system. Main galaxy (SDSS J111025.10+032138.8) is at the center, and [HB89] 1107+036 is the nearest bright white-blue object at 3 o’clock from the main galaxy. There doesn’t seem to be a bridge in this image, but adjusting the brightness and contrast brings out a possible connection but it’s hard to say if it’s noise or real feature.

Figure 2. 4 x zoomed in and brightness/contrast adjusted version from figure 1.

Objects and their data

1 SDSS J111025.10+032138.8 Sc, HII 0.030115 16.5 (g) 0
2 [HB89] 1107+036 QSO 0.965617 19.1 (g) 0.315

Object descriptions in NED: object 1, object 2.

Object descriptions in SDSS SkyServer: object 1, object 2.

SDSS image of this system


Murdoch et al., 1983, ApJ, 265, 610, “1107+036 – an unusual QSO-galaxy pair”

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