NGC 5001 – Nice pair alignment

NGC 5001 is a galaxy that haven’t been studied much. It mainly has just been part of a sample in some large surveys. The NGC 5001 field has been covered by SDSS, so there are some objects that have measured redshifts within the field. There are not many discordant redshift issues here, but there is one pair alignment worth mentioning.

Figure 1 presents all objects within 7 arcmin from NGC 5001 that have measured redshifts. Of those objects, there are only two that are outside NGC 5001 (object 2 seems to be a part of NGC 5001), and those two objects are aligned across NGC 5001. They both have considerable higher redshifts (z = 0.13 and 0.18) than NGC 5001 (z = 0.03), and their redshifts are roughly similar. They have almost the same separation from NGC 5001, and have comparable magnitudes. Based on the object coordinates in NED, the alignment deviates from straight line by 11 degrees.

Figure 1. The objects with measured redshifts near NGC 5001. Size of the image is 7 x 7 arcmin. Image is from Digitized Sky Survey (POSS2/UKSTU Blue).

Objects and their data

1 NGC 5001 SB 0.030311 14.6 0
2 SDSS J130933.51+532934.4 PofG 0.029874 19.1 (g) 0.1
3 SDSS J130917.12+533123.4 galaxy(?) 0.179216 18.8 (g) 2.9
4 SDSS J130947.16+532724.7 galaxy(?) 0.126274 18.3 (g) 3.1

Links to object descriptions in NED: Object 1, Object 2, Object 3, Object 4.

Links to object descriptions in SDSS SkyServer: Object 1, Object 2, Object 3, Object 4.


Objects within 10 arcmin from NED

SDSS SkyServer image of the system, click zoom out once to see objects 3 and 4.

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